MIND THE SOUND can provide its expertise in these sectors, among others:



Performing Arts

We design environments acoustically to enhance performances in theatres, concert and opera halls, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, music schools, etc. AV technologies should also be considered in the early stages of a project.


We design rooms that people love to use, enhancing the clarity and intelligibility of speech. Nowadays AV engineering helps to create educational facilities adapted to new technologies in order to aid effortless learning.


Open spaces, high volumes, high number of visitors… achieving quiet spaces with good speech intelligibility. Most current exhibitions are based on or helped by AV resources. It has become essential to consider AV technologies when creating an exhibition or designing a museum.


Congress centres, convention centres, business hubs and other facilities serving the business sector must have the latest AV technologies to allow communications and marketing to flow. Privacy and speech clarity must also be guaranteed.


Guest comfort is the main goal for hotels and other kinds of accommodation. Ensuring that guests cannot hear one another (or any other noises) and that they will have the latest domestic AV devices available for their entertainment will make all the difference.


Clearly understanding the message emitted through the PA/VA system is paramount in train stations, airports and other transportation hubs, no matter how noisy or reverberant the space is. In case of evacuation this carries even greater importance, as lives are at risk.


In corporate buildings acoustic comfort is very important. Isolation, background noise and privacy, among others, must be considered. Easy-to-use AV technologies help to increase productivity and reduce costs, time and effort.

Sports and Arenas

Sound must reach the audience area with enough volume and clarity, which is no easy task in this kind of space. Moreover, stadiums and arenas are not only used as sports facilities, but also for hosting concerts and large-scale performances. Sound and AV quality must be guaranteed.


Nightclubs, music venues, casinos, amusement parks, etc. need specific sound systems and AV technologies. It is also important to ensure that they have minimum impact on other units or nearby residential premises.

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