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Important transportation facilities, such as train stations, airports, etc. require a Public Address and Voice Alarm system that can provide intelligible announcements and give clear instructions that should be followed in case of emergency.

Commonly, many of these spaces have significant problems regarding the quality of sound of their PA systems; low intelligibility, insufficient sound level, wide variations in background noise, and many more. These problems result in a poor understanding of spoken messages that can lead to misunderstandings or even dangerous situations.

Mind The Sound can provide consultancy services by means of an holistic process combining electro-acoustics and acoustics engineering, resulting in Public Address systems that perform correctly in terms of speech intelligibility, sound pressure levels and system management in compliance with international, national and/or local regulations.

Find more information regarding our engineering areas applied to Public Address systems below:

We have the most advanced electro-acoustic simulation tools, which allow us to develop designs using ray tracing techniques.

Our staff has extensive experience in all types of spaces with challenging design conditions. Our designs not only take into account the system performance, but also other aspects such as aesthetics, ease of maintenance, etc.

When designing a Public Address system, it is essential to take into account the acoustic conditions of the space. Since we are acoustic consultants, our designs are adapted according to the acoustic characteristics of the room. We can also study and improve the acoustics of the room in order to enhance the performance of the public address system.

MTS have at your disposal all the calculation tools required to combine acoustics with electro-acoustics, thereby obtaining the most accurate results.

In addition to providing intelligible messages, a public address system must be able to correctly manage the transport of audio signals through the data network, control system zoning, monitor the system, report failures or breakdowns, initiate emergency evacuation protocols, concatenate messages and convert text to speech, among other functions.

MTS can also provide the consultancy services that are required to create a secure, reliable and functional public address network, offering a better service to passengers and users of transport networks.

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